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Soon, Soon My Pretties

Sweet Digital Deities. This is like, version 37, I swear, but I've finally written an ending to Chapter 6 of Dark Masquerade that I like. Rae-chan has been awesome as sentence-fixer, sounding board, and all-around cheerleading goddess.

I still have yet to merge two different drafts and do general tidying, but we're that much closer to having a finished chapter.

Much love and thanks to everyone who's reviewed, nagged, and encouraged. The chapter's conclusion will be posted here on LJ first.

MediaMiner's changed their posting policies since I last updated... and I have to review what the new (to me) rules are regarding warning and slash/yaoi and whatnot. I've never agreed with their 'sex = hentai label' rule. FFN annoys me. I think I may wait on updating at an archive until August, when the OTW archive finally opens, and then announce that the only archive to have everything will be at OTW's. Frankly, I've never been happy with them since they axed accurately labeled adult content and I'm tired of sanitizing stories about adults in adult situations.
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