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SIGN: Life Changes Ahead (aka New Job!!!!)

Job: My old librarian job went bye-bye a while back. I got the short-end of some nasty office politics. It wasn't my fault in any way, shape, or form, but it really knocked my self-esteem. And it took a while to recover from that. But now.... XD new job, with fantastic co-workers who -like- each other, and they all like -me-. My boss will even be in the same building as me (not the case for the last position). The pay's about 5-10k less than what I was making before (depending on if I can start as a Librarian II or not).... but the cost of living will be lower and the workload and work environment are better. So I'm not complaining at all. Quite to the contrary. I'm ecstatic!

Apartment: When I was at the library for a visit, I also spent some extra time in the city looking at apartments, so I've actually got a complex already picked out. When I called to confirm availability, they said that the special with the reduced price I was quoted had ended, but in the end, I was able to get them to honor it. This new one will be much more spacious than my old one (2 bed x 2 bath) compared to (1 x 1), and 1140 sq. ft. compared to 825 sq. ft. And it comes with a private garage, AND it's -cheaper-. And not only is it cheaper compared to my old apartment, but compared to other apartments in the area, it's cleaner, better maintained, and places running about $50 less are only in the 800-900 sq ft. range. So I'm really happy with it.

Moving: Part of the deal to get the reduced rate, was that I had to move in ASAP, which is fine, since I never unpacked any of my stuff. So... I'm moving in a week! Move-in date's Friday, June 27th.

Fanfic: I received two lengthy reader responses a while back. Though I haven't actually responded to them, I am utterly grateful to the writers. The feedback really helped and got my creative juices flowing when I really needed it. And I -will- respond in the near future. Furthermore, the full chapter six of Dark Masquerade will be posted here at LJ before my new job's start date, July 14. I also think by then I'll have a fairy-tale-inspired fic in the Harry Potter fandom to share as well. (Speaking of fairy tales, I'll see what I can do about finishing up "Captive Complications," too.)

Original Fiction: I've been toying around with original fiction for the past decade -- one central story idea, with the potential for upwards of 8+ books. Something about it wasn't quite gelling for me earlier, but I think I may have found the answer recently.... I'm still in the world-building and character-building stages, though.
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