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Truck loading starts in T-minus 8 hours

Today I did quite a bit of preliminary work for the Archive of Our Own project. The section I'm focusing on is the 'Subscription' section, which will function similar to an RSS reader for stories, authors, tags, and any number of archive-associated objects.

The next three days will be moving hell. My mother will be "helping." She and I have polar opposite ideas regarding organization and work flow, and I expect there will be much more shouting/stress/stupidity than there needs to be.

Thankfully, 99.9% of the boxes are already packed. It will now just be a matter of putting things in the truck. Which should be easy, as I've done something similar 3+ times in as many years. *knocks on every wood surface available*

When prompted to leave feedback for the archive it was also suggested that I offer up haiku. I sent them one at the bottom of my message... but then I kept writing more.....

Haiku Poetry on Writing, Cats, and Fanfiction -- Part 1


Pet me! Oh, pet me!
I'm much more interesting
Than that useless box!


Am I in your way?
Your fingers must be tired.
I'm protecting you!


The archive grows large
as the librarian sees
her work made real.


Reading a story
with a kitty on my lap.
Ah! Such bliss, this life.


Mary Sue hates me.
She won't co-operate with
my plan to be cool.


What glee! What joy! A
wonderful story to read!
Darn. It's Mary Sue.


Writing fantasy
fiction, I buy a hamster
ball, and make the world.


You make me scared.
I don't like this place of yours.
I pee on your bed.


Behold! I am cat!
The world is my oyster.
Serve me some fish now!


Lazily reading,
my muscles begin to cramp.
Oops, I kicked the cat.


Out of nowhere: foot!
I stagger to a safe place.
Must lick my butt now.


Mmmm. Tasty cat butt.
My pride wounded, you make sound.
If I stare, a treat?

Also, I must share the utter dorkitude that is me... While chatting, re: Archive, with people using their real names, there was a message from someone that went: "yes, totally, IIB"

And my brain went spinning..... IIB... IIB... It is blatant? I is blind? It is bold?

So, very smartly, I type: IIB?

And then she explained and apologized for shortening my name -- IceIsBlue.

Not your average street bum...

So, my hometown has upwards of 150,000 people living in it and, like most cities, there's a certain corner that almost always has a disheveled bum standing on it with a cardboard sign asking for food, money, or both.


Imagine my surprise when today, there was a young, good-looking, clean, shirtless man standing on the exact same corner with a cardboard sign: Kisses 25¢

That's -such- a plot bunny waiting to happen.
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