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Frosted Reality ~ Updates

Ice'is Blue's Fanfiction

Ice'is Blue
10 July 1982
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My Fanfiction:

I can be found on MediaMiner.org under "ice-is blue" and on FanFiction.net under "Ice'is Blue". Links can be found on the main journal page. Both sites will be more or less updated simultaneously, but NC-17 rated stories will only appear on MM.org. It may take a day or two longer for R-rated versions of NC-17 fics to appear on FFN.

Fanfiction Feedback Preferences:

Yes, please!!! Like most reward-conditioned people, I like getting feedback. It makes me glow. Short 'n' sweet reviews are better than none. Reviews mentioning specific likes are even better. And ones containing valid questions/criticism are the best.

How I Write:

I bought myself a laptop in the autumn of 2004. It's been attached to me ever since. I sleep with it, eat with it... it doesn't like water, so I don't shower with it, but that's about the only place I don't take it. I write in either WordPerfect (which I've been using since version 5) or NoteTabLite. I strongly dislike Word and would be happy to give advice and tips for people having trouble with WordPerfect. HTML for my fics is coded in NoteTabLite since WP9's generated html files look like crap for some strange reason.

My creative food of choice is dry Lucky Charms cereal and I prefer my freeze-dried marshmallows crunchy.

Although I like and support low-tech methods, writing with paper and pen tends to make my hand cramp and I'm sadly apt to lose the pages before they ever see the light of cyberspace.

I make long and copious notes when planning a story and I add to them in great volume while writing. This is probably an outlet for my procrastination habit, but they do come in handy when working with a complex storyline.

Unless I'm working toward a particular deadline (which I know with 99% certainty that I'm going to miss), I tend to write in spurts... Nothing for a week or month... then suddenly 15 pages. When I do have a goal, progress is more steady, but that's generally when life rears its 'interesting' head and snickers, "Oh, you think you're going to be productive, do you?"

Yes. Sadly, (sadly?) I have a life outside of fanfiction... so updates are sporadic. Those wishing to be notified when Dark Masquerade is updated can email me with their request.

Current Fandoms -- Fall 2005:

Digimon: Adventure, Zero Two (anime/manga ... what got me started on guy/guy lovin' ... again, not much reading here, but theoretically I'm still writing... I am! I am!)

Gravitation (anime/manga ... I'm an old school fan of the anime, was watching and reading before the DVDs came out. I don't read much here anymore, but I still write it.)

Harry Potter (after many, many years, I finally yielded to the HP fandom bug... Harry/Draco = OTP ... it's rival!slash, just like Taichi/Yamato from Digimon... lots of reading going on here and I've a WIP in the wings.)

Kyou Kara Maou (anime... If you haven't seen this and like shounen ai, you're missing out. I've got a WIP for this that will probably never see the light of day.)

Yami no Matsuei / Descendants of Darkness (anime, slowly getting into the manga ... not much reading or writing here, but the interest's not dead yet.)